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Rotary’s Areas of Focus


Rotary clubs serve communities around the world, each with unique concerns and needs. Rotarians have continually adapted and improved the way they respond to those needs, taking on a broad range of service projects. The most successful and sustainable Rotary service tends to fall within one of the following six areas:

Promoting peace
Fighting disease
Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
Saving mothers and children
Supporting education
Growing local economies

Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation recognize these six areas of focus as organizational priorities, and there are countless ways that Rotarians address these needs locally and internationally.


Rotary Peace Fellow


Rotary Peace Fellows are leaders promoting national and ...

Polio Eradication


The world is now more than 99% polio-free. Polio cases have...

Sudan Well Project


We want to ensure that people have sustainable access to ....

Community Youth Dental Clinic


A free dental clinic for children to provide a thorough oral ...

Honduras School Project


Working together to improve literacy worldwide For most...

Micro-finance in India


A way out of poverty is to create sustainable, measurabl...


  Rotary Focus Areas

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