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Placentia Navigation Center Celebrated 6 Months

OCT. 14, 2020

Marshe Samuel is the Volunteer Coordinator for PATH, the Navigation Center. The center recently celebrated 6 months! 2970 hot meals were donated from July to September. The residents are permitted to bring their pets & they currently have 35 pets, so donations of food, flea treatment, shampoo, etc. is always needed. More food support is needed.


Saturday, the 24 is World Polio Day

OCT. 21, 2020

We're Closer Than Ever To Eradicating Polio But We're Not Done Yet. Find Out How To Help. Join Us For World Polio Day As Global Health Experts And Partners Share Our Progress. End Polio For Good.


The Halloween Event on Thursday , October 29th

OCT. 07, 2020

The Halloween Event on Thursday , October 29th, sponsored by the city, will be a drive-thru, occurring @ 4 different locations-the fire station on Valencia Ave., the fire station on Bradford Ave., Placentia City Hall on the corner of Kraemer Blvd. & Chapman Ave. and the Whitten Center on Melrose Ave. from 5-7 PM. The Rotarians are volunteering to pass out candy to the children in the cars as they drive through a location. Contact Kathi Baldwin if you would like to help. (714) 875-5976 The screenshot shows what happens when we all stand to salute our flag at the opening of our virtual meetings.



Phone 1+ (714) 448-9429 or get in touch


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Until at least Nomember1, the Rotary Club of Placentia will host virtual meetings using Zoom Meetings. These virtual meetings will be free for the public to attend. Please contact Kathi Baldwin

+1 (714) 875-5976


Meeting Information

Meeting Day: Wednesday at 7:00am

Location: Alta Vista Country Club
777 E. Alta Vista Street
Placentia, CA 92870

+1 (714) 875-5975

We also meet 6PM the second Tuesday of each month on the patio at Craftsman Pizza

148 E. Yorba Linda Blvd. Placentia, CA 92870

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