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Youngest Member Receives Paul Harris Award

Craig Hall

JULY 28, 2021

Foundation Chair Jim Paddock presents a Paul Harris Award to Andrea Mosqueda in recognition of Andrea donating $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Her money will come back in three years to benefit local charities as a Foundation Grant.

Rotary Club of Placentia
MINUTES 7/28/21
In Attendance: Kathi, Glenn, Nate, Hugh, Roy, Jim, Michelle, Patti, Ward, Alice, Paul, Lisa, Dottie, Roy, TC
Call to Order at 7:00 am by President Baldwin
Inspiration: Kathi
Pledge: Ron
Guests: Ray Baker
Concert in the park – Thursday 7/29/21
Pool at Gomez Center still not filled

Power Networking at Rembrandts was a huge success – several Rotarians were there
Ward spoke to Rembrandt’s owner about possible fundraising events there
Lunch mob on August 4th 11:30-1:00 at Oriental Chinese Cuisine
Mark your Calendar – Taste of Placentia is on August 19th

Hugh – reminded all members to sign up to speak or obtain a speaker for the regular meetings

Lisa: Need many things for the baskets for Silent Auction. Please bring to the next meeting or call Lisa or Dottie to pick up.
Kathi: Please bring bottle of Wine (minimum $20.00 value) to the next meeting
Ron: He now has $ 200 in credit cards for the Treasure Chest. Please bring credit cards so we can get this filled.

Jim announced that all the district grants that we applied for have been approved


No one was late today
$1 – Michelle and Roy for not having a rotary pin on

$1 – Jim for his Grandson’s Birthday and taking Oldest Grandson to University
$1 – Roy for great time at the Pageant of the Masters
$1 – Glenn for 60 Cowabunga tickets sold so far.
$1 – Paul celebration of Granddaughter’s 22 birthday.

Four new events – Skateboarding, Suring, Softball and Karate
Gold medals are made of silver – only the outer layer is made of gold.
Japan as the most gold medals as of today
USA has the most medals overall…YEA!!
Fun fact: At the first Olympic games the uniforms worn were: NOTHING
The word GYMNASIUM means: School for Naked Exercise

PROGRAM: Treasurer Jim presented the Financials
Considering this year – we are in pretty good shape financially
Received a Grant from Rotary International to provide Internet Service in Guatemala for remote learning. Total $ 125,000.00.
We have $ 14,000 in the club account – this is down by $3,000 from last year.
The foundation has $ 34,000 in Checking and $ 5,000 in savings
The Budget shows $ 11,000 down – due to lack of fundraising event last year.

Dues related activities and meal expenses tend to breakeven. We have not had an increase in dues since 2007. Our dues are now $70.00 per quarter. It is proposed to raise dues to $ 90.00 per quarter.
It is proposed to run a Food Booth at Heritage Festival to raise funds to offset the meal cost increase.
We had a short fall in activities funding of $ 1,600.00. Some of the activities:
Easter Eggcitement
Tamale Festival
Prayer Breakfast
Club Fun – Michelle in charge
TC commented that we should reach out to the recipients of our support and invite them to help with the Cowabunga Fundraising Event.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: We were approved of district Grants totaling $8,000 and then the club will match that. Proposed activities:
Lot 318 School Backpacks
Love Placentia
Blessing Boxes
NEW: Refurbish the flag and planter at the Bradford House
with possible memorial for past members.
Veteran Village
Corazon Mexico Home Build

Dottie wins the Raffle this week, Ward Sponsor
$57 collected

4 Way Test – Ron

Meeting Adjourned at 8:10 am

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