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Weekly Fines Raise Funds for Local Projects

Craig Hall

OCT. 27, 2021

Roy Redman, our fine master for October good naturedly fleeced our members for silly infractions such as birthdays, not wearing a pin or not knowing an obscure date in history. It is all in good fun as the members donate to local beloved projects.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Club Meeting
October27, 2021
In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC of Placentia; Jim Nate Ward Roy Craig Kathi Maverick Glenn TC Andrea Alice JoAnne Elizabeth Dottie Hugh Debye
We kicked things off at 7:01 am with the pledge from Elizabeth and words of inspiration from Ward.
Guests this week included Ethan President of our Interactors & Polly owner of Market Fresh Grill and friend of Debye and a potential member.
City report from Ward included these tidbits
Fall Winter Schedule for community services in the works
Looking to get a project for us in Gomez Center
Today is the sendoff lunch for the out going Police Chief
Chamber report from Kathi included
Lunch Mob this week Cucina Azteca 11:30-1 today
Tonight wine down Wednesday at Juniper & Morgan
Ran out of Candy at Monster Mash
Maverick - We gave out all 400 bags thanks to Lisa and her group.
TC – “Quality Candy” he tested it
Andrea and Ethan made a presentation to club President Baldwin.
World Polio Day was Sunday. Interactors raised money at Heritage days selling pins and presented the club with a check $336.50
Jim – Afghanistan is now allowing the Polio vaccine to be given again. They will also allow the women who have administered it door to door to continue with this task.
In addition, Pakistan will coordinate a day where they will vaccinate with Afghanistan.
The vaccine is the oral vaccine
Glenn inquired as to the safety of the women. Jim was unsure
Glenn mentioned that in India it was all women running the vaccine program on the front lines
TC reminded everyone why we raise money for polio and to the new members especially. Just because there are only 2 cases doesn’t mean we stop. We need to vaccinate the un-vaccinated and the newborns and continue. A country must be Polio free for 3 years to be considered eradicated.
Fine Master Roy
$1 Roy went to see son in Colorado is happy that he is so happy
$1 Craig for Polly and her donation and support at Heritage Days and thanks for joining us today
$4 Lisa Going to a 4 hour Opera tonight
$1 TC went to Market Fresh and saw Polly and Debye and loves it
$5 Kathi 1) for Polly and her donation 2)Monster Mash that she was not able to attend 3) Ryans wedding is over was Saturday and a success!
$1 Jim HAPPY Ducks are back
$1 Jim SAD Ducks not playing so well
$1 Alice SAD Dodger lost
$4 Alice HAPPY she will be dog sitting
$1 Elizabeth only 57 days until retirement
$3 Polly 1)share birthday w/Debye 2)moved to a new home! 3)happy to be here with us
Our very own Nate!!!! 12 year member Father Husband and Financial advisor who loves to hike.
He discussed the experiences he and his wife had while discovering their daughter was dyslexic.
40% of self-made millionaires are dyslexic
Trigger words with no physical representation seemed to be a real obstacle
Nate had a great Power Point that I am sure he would share with you if you are interested.

Thanks Nate!!
To close things out we have a RAFFLE winner CRAIG!!!!!! Thanks to Kevin, this week’s sponsor.
4 WAY TEST – Roy

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