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Trees up and decorated at Navigation and Veteran Village

Kathi Baldwin

DEC. 16, 2020

The Rotary Club of Placentia donated Christmas trees and decorations for Placentia Veteran's Village and the Navigation Center. Rotarians reached out to brighten the holidays for the under served in our community.

Rotary Club of Placentia
December 16, 2020

Thirteen members in attendance: Ward, Kathi, Ron, Roy, Alice, Craig, Nate, Michelle, Jim, Turgut, Glenn, Lisa, Kevin. Assistant Governor Chad Zimmerman was also in attendance.

It was the “Craig Show," as he offered the Pledge, Inspirational Moment & 4 Way-Test.

The Rotary District 5320 event-Cookies & Cocktails was attended by Turgut, Glenn & Kathi, Craig & Jim. It was lots of fun and Craig was recognized for his holiday attire and Turgut was recognized for his appetizer !

Kevin was recognized for al of his efforts on behalf of the club for arranging all of the zoom meetings. Really made meetings this year more available and easy to attend.
Kathi provided an update for the Chamber of Commerce as events and activities slowed down for the holidays.

Ward provided an update for the city-he was very happy to announce Audi has pulled papers for their business on Yorba Linda Blvd., the former location of the Volkswagen Dealer.

Christmas trees were delivered to Veteran Village and the Navigation Center by Ward. The food donation scheduled for the Whitten Community Center is this evening from 4-7:30 PM.

Fine Master-Michelle Cummings was in “fine” form!
Roy was fined $1 for an early departure in the past & he offered $2 scooter bucks for his early departure today. Ward was fined for not knowing the current Fine Master is Michelle .Birthdays-Kevin on the 23rd-$58, Alex on the 26th, Margie Brown on the 28th and Maria on the 30th. Turgut contributed $62 for Maria's birthday.
Happy Bucks-Kathi $5 for Cookies & Cocktail event, Ron $25, Craig, $5, Alice $5 for food & toy distribution, Ward $10 for the purchase of supplies for the Blessing Boxes @ Sam’s Club, Turgut $5 for Maria's 3rd chemo infusion going well, Turgut also had an additional $1 for the research showing the cancer was not from genetics, Jim $5 for the Army/Navy Game & Navy coming in 2nd. Lisa had $5 happy & sad bucks for her father's interment @ the National Cemetery in Los Angeles & this being the final week of the fall semester.

Jim reminded everyone re: donations to the Foundation by the end of the week.
Craig announced the PYLUSD Board: Karin Freeman President , Carrie Buck Vice President, Marilyn Anderson Clerk. Our AG, Chad announced he is Mayor Pro Term for the city of Villa Park! Congratulations !
Turgut will respond to the RCLB on the Rotary Club of Placentia contribution to the previously mentioned water project. Ron, Glenn, Kathi, Lisa & Turgut each contributed $100.00, Alice & Ward each contributed $200.00, Michelle & Roy each contributed $50, with a grand total of $1,000.00 from our club!

Chad expressed his appreciation of being kept up to date with our club activities, by way of the weekly newsletter.

There is a Rotary Club of Placentia Board Meeting this evening @ 6:30 PM, via zoom.

Unfortunately the video of the performance by the Choir from El Dorado High School was unable to be enjoyed during the meeting. Tinsel is this evening & the information for purchasing tickets has been sent to everyone. This is a great way to support the choir.

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