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The HomeShare OC Program

Craig Hall

May 18, 2022

HomeShare OC matches are living arrangements between two unrelated individuals. College students enrolled in school are matched with a homeowner who has a spare room available to rent. The mission of HomeShare OC is to provide students an opportunity to pursue their educational goals, while enriching the lives of seniors through shared housing.  If you are a student who needs assistance with affordable housing please read more about our program and fill out a Student Interest Form so that we can contact you and talk more about your needs.

May 18, 2022

Rotary Club of Placentia

Weekly Meeting

In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC: Maverick Glenn Kathi Debye Alice Dottie
Craig Roy Jim Ward Nate Alex
ZOOM – Lisa
Guests: Christopher from HISOC
We kicked things off at 7:00 am with the pledge from Alice and words of inspiration from Paul.
• Council last night 3
o 1st hearing last night of passage of budget
o Fiscally sound
o $5.5 million to infrastructure next year
• IPlacentia app is available to send in complaints and reports of maintenance needs
• Sant Fe closure discussed
Possible 1 way route
o Expanded outdoor dining discussed
o Parking is issue until lot and structure built
• Thank you to board for LOT 318 donation for health fair at Gomez Center
o Asking Rotary to assist with the orange fence set up. 8:30 am on day of event the
Jim Flagpole
• Concrete poured form comes off today
• City installing flood light and drip irrigation
• Next Monday Pole gets placed
• Memorial Day at 10am ceremony to dedicate
• Will finish when TC returns
o Epoxy and paint
• Finished by end of June
• Thursday June 23 Demotion night YL Community center 5:30pm $40 per person
• Lunch Mob today at McDonalds on Chapman member since 1975
• Boss Lashes ribbon cutting 5-7 on Imperial
• 1st responder breakfast tomorrow
• This weekend E Waste at Town Center
• Next Tue sip and shop at the Women’s Round Table Tue the 24th
o Beer wine entertainment
o Shops without a physical location

• Cowabunga Meeting Tonight at Lisa’s 6pm
• Starting to put basket together
o Need items have baskets, check list and bring to
$5 Alex for no list
$5 Ward for HIS OC Event
$5 Ward council meeting presentation National Public Works week National Polica Week
$5 Jim for Flagpole
$10 Lisa only 7 days of school then a trip to Hawaii
$5 Alice everything is coming together at the end of the yeart.
$5 Alice leaving for 10 days with Art and Lourdes
$2 Maverick 2 days of finals left
$5 Nate ran a marathon last Friday 100-mile race with friend in Malibu Nate passed him the last
28 miles finished at 7am in 5th place
$5 Glenn for penny pot.

SPEAKER Christopher Kendrick from HIS OC

• Thank you for all who attended our event
• Case manager at HIS OC
o 5 years at HIS OC
o Started as Child Care Intern
• We have several programs aimed at ending Homelessness
• HIS OC 33 years old this year
• 54 bed 12 room family transitional shelter
o 4-6 month program to get them back on their feet
• Have a home for young men 18-24
• Our new Program HOME SHARE
o One spare room can change 2 lives
o We match students suffering from home insecurity with a senior living alone
o They offer rent money and assistance and companionship to homeowner
• This is a program that has been in play in many other parts of the country and world
o We are the only program we are aware of in California
• Hosting a student
o Easy
o Safe
o And many in need
• Looking for more homeowners interested in hosting a student
o Think of how many empty rooms there are every night in OC.
• Some have reservations about having someone in their home
o We spend a lot of time on setting good match between home owner and student
o We have made 100% successful matches and they have all extended their stays with each other
• 6-month lease term
Student expected to provide services or help around the home
o Student pays $500 a month in rent
o Student must have income
• Keep the safety of both parties
o Background checks
o Student must be in good standing at school
o Home assessment
o COVID testing
o Monthly check in with all involved
• If interested scan the QR code on attached form
o Fill out application
• What makes us different?
o Our matches investigated based upon need and budget
o Comprehensive interview process
o In person meet up with both parties
• Have several students looking for matches
• If you know a homeowner who may be interested Contact us today and make a difference in two lives

Four Way Test – Roy

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