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Thanks to Our Community, Rotary Club of Placentia Awards $16,000 in Scholarships

Kathi Baldwin

JUNE 2, 2021

Thirty eight local high school students applied for scholarships this year. Of those sixteen were selected for interviews. And thanks to the support of our community and generous donations of Rotarians the Rotary Club of Placentia has been able to award $16,000 to ten students.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, June 2, 2021
Scholarship Recipients!

Attendance: Paul, Roy, Ward, Kathi, Ron, Nate, Craig, Alice, Turgut, Lisa, Kevin, Hugh, Glenn.
Guests: Mr. Chris Herzfeld-VHS Principal, Ms. Elisabeth Nasouf-Counselor @ VHS, Ms. Tonia Bahner-Counselor @ VHS.

Scholarship Recipients: Eduardo Jimenez-CSUF, Christian Perez- U of NT, Jaquelyn Hernandez-CSUF, Ashley Quezada-CSUF, Suzette Morales-CSUF, Tommy Nguyen-CSUF, Scotty Brown-FC, Selena Alverez-CSUF.

Students shared their future plans with the club members and were extremely grateful for the scholarships they received from the club. Glenn shared with the club members, the process through which the recipients were selected: application, selection process criteria, interviews. Glenn works closely with the high schools located within the city, so truly the recipients are students attending schools in Placentia. The counselors distribute the applications and then collect them or the students send the application directly to Glenn. The applications are then received by Glenn and the selection process begins. The students are selected on their community service, involvement in Interact, community service hours, preparation for the future, need. The students selected are then invited to schedule an interview. The past 2 years, the interviews have been held on Zoom, which has worked well. It is more fun to meet the students in person, but this process was definitely effective. Glenn extended his appreciation to the club members, Alice, Alex, Robert, Kathi, Hugh, Gil, and Lorraine for serving as judges for the interview portion of the process.

Ward:City update, the city had decided to extend the outdoor dining until December 31, 2021.

Fine Master-Hugh Wood-Birthdays & Anniversaries
Craig donated $25.00 in honor of Carrie’s 25th birthday, which is today! Glenn & Hugh were late-$2 fine. Ron gave $5 for Carrie’s birthday.

Happy Bucks: Ward had $25.00 for all of the hard work this past weekend, during the Jazz/Crayfish Event & LOT 318 Health Fair. Kathi had $25.00 for the same. Paul had $10 for grandson moving to 1st grade and nephew celebration his 1st birthday. Turgut fined himself $10.00 for not being able to help this past weekend due to illness. Lisa had $10 for her trip & taking the train from Williams, AZ to the Grand Canyon. Roy had $5.00 for not helping over the weekend. Nate had $10.00 for the scholarships and another $10.00 for his daughter’s graduation from high school. Hugh had $10 for his grandchildren, Quinn & Audrey being promoted to middle school. Kathi had $10.00 for each scholarship attendee this morning-$80.00 to the scholarship fund.

Assignments for Wednesday , June 9, 2021,
4 Way-Test: Glenn
Inspirational Moment: Kathi
Program: Melissa Arvizu- Program Coordinator for Community Action Partnership of Orange County.

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