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Sustainability In Our Communities

Craig Hall

June 08, 2022

Cathy Win Environmental Services Coordinator presents upcoming changes in waste management. At Republic Services, we take action to help make a difference where we work and live across the U.S. Learn how we're committed to our customers, communities, and people in our latest sustainability report.

June 08, 2022
Rotary Club of Placentia
Weekly Meeting
In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC: Maverick Ward Jim Roy Ron Hugh Paul Elizabeth JoAnne Dottie Patty Craig
Guests: Cathy
We kicked things off at 7:01 am with words of inspiration from Roy and the pledge from Paul.
Alice has come down with COVID but feeling fine
Thursday June 23 5pm Demotion Night. Sign Up Sheet available for RSVP
Please email Craig with any photos of events from the past year
RON we are collecting Gift Cards for Cowabunga
JIM I have a $50 gift card for Tommy Bahamas expires in June available for anyone interested.
PATTY LACMA has an exhibit of Spanish American Art
HUGH my K of C having car show this Sun 2pm at Rose and Golden
$1 to all not wearing a pin
TRIVIA Who named the city of Placentia? Mrs. McFadden What is the Moto? A Pleasant Place Park named for first fire chief? Cook
$1 For everyone
Jim $300 to PH for Bday and Kathy’s Bday
Craig $50 for Carries Bday and Sons Bday

Paul $2 took son and grand kids to Angel’s game and met up with his cousin unplanned!
Roy $1 son gave engagement ring to his fiancé, going to engagement party in Colorado
Patty $1 went to murderer mystery dinner in the desert.
Roy $1 ward made it back
Kathy $5 going on a trip with sister $5 Angels won yesterday!
Elizabeth $5 email was hacked
Memorial Day, a lot was happening and all a great success.
Thanks to Craig and Carrie for all they do and the work at Gomez.

SPEAKER Cathy Win Environmental Services Coordinator WASTE MANAGEMENT
Degree in Hospitality (learned about food insecurity)
AB1826 the new CA code for food waste
Went to the City, have a desire to serve
Commercial establishment will have separate cans to for food waste, (already in place at Taco Bell on Yorba Linda and Rose)
Cost will increase
Remember to utilize the e-waste services provided
Annual Compost give away with Republic Services
You can start putting food waste in Brown Cans now, but not required yet.
Organic materials will be used for composting and energy needs.
Brea landfill was scheduled to closed already but due to these programs the dump will stay open for several more years.
We will set up a tour of the Brea Dump for the club soon.
4 WAY TEST – Hugh

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