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Superintendent Update on Our School District

Kathi Baldwin

APRIL 14, 2021

82 % of elementary students and 1/2 of the high school students are returning to in-person school on Monday, April 19!

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Attendance: Elizabeth, Ward, Roy, Kathi, Craig, Alice, Ron, Turgut, Nate, Jim, Glenn, Kevin, Lisa.
Guests: Dr. James Elsasser Superintendent for PYLUSD and Dr. Cary Johnson, also from PYLUSD. Speaker: Dr. James Elsasser.

Pledge: Craig, Inspirational Moment : 4 Way-Test: Kathi

Ward announced for the city, this will be the year of the “park” as the city assesses the status of all of the parks in Placentia for refurbishment. Arbor Day is April 28 @ the civic center. The dental is clinic is tentatively scheduled for June 5 @ St. Joseph Church/School. More information to follow!

Jim shared the update on Polio-only 2 cases! Jim Paddock remained everyone about The Rotary Foundation 100% Giving by our club. It all comes back to us over 3 years.

Fine Master Glenn in his 2nd week!
Lisa was late-$2 fine. No Rotary logos-Roy, Ward & Nate-$2 fine.So, what’s happening in the April issue of Rotary Magazine? Lisa-Nature, Nate-vaccinations-correct! Ward answered the question of “how long have vaccines been around?“-for over 2000 years! Craig donated $100 to Paul Harris to celebrate his birthday, Lisa had $56 towards The Rotary Foundation for her birthday! Roy is celebrating a 22nd anniversary, $20 to The Penny Pot & $5 for Holly feeling better.
Happy Bucks-Ron has $100-put it wherever it is needed, Craig had $1 for completing Rotary District 5320 Leadership Institute & his son is on his way home! Lisa had $1 for completing the Rotary District 5320 Leadership Institute! Kathi had $20-$10 each for Lisa & Craig completing the Leadership Institute! Turgut followed Kathi with the same-$10 each for Lisa & Craig, Ward jumped in too with the same-$10 each for Lisa & Craig, Alice jumped in too & had an additional $5 for seeing Patti last night at the Tuesday Night Social!
No Sad Bucks!

PYLUSD holds high expectations for all students through rigorous and relevant educational experiences that challenge them to become responsible, ethical and engaged citizens.

The district educates approximately 25,000 students at 34 award-winning K-12 public schools. The school district dates back to 1874. A one-room schoolhouse was established by pioneers who–with bravery, hard work and perseverance–paved the way for one of the finest education systems in Southern California. Today, PYLUSD has a richly deserved reputation for providing outstanding educational opportunities for all students. This has not come about by happenstance, but through a steadfast resolve to being a dynamic and supportive learning community that prepares each and every student for success now – and in the future.

Assignments for Wednesday, April 21, 2021:
Pledge: ??, 4 Way-Test: Jim, Inspirational Moment: Kathi
Fine Master: Glenn. Speaker/Program: Update on Guatemala Global Grant.

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