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RYLA Attendees Appreciation Humbles Club

Kathi Baldwin

MAY 5, 2021

Reluctance and Appreciation gave way to enthusiasm and excitement once RYLA via Zoom got underway. Each year Rotary Sponsored Juniors attend RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) a three day camp where through immersion the students learn trust, teamwork, communications, and leadership. Each student attends RYLA only once so comparisons are not possible. But we were concerned that not being in person would be less impact-full. Our RYLA kids expressed excitement, enthusiasm, and gratitude beyond our expectations.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday , May 5, 2021

Attendance: Ward, Kathi, Roy, Ron, Turgut, Alice, Craig, Jim, Elizabeth, Glenn, Kevin, Lisa.

Assignments: Pledge: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Craig, 4 Way-Test: Glenn
Guests: RYLA Attendees: Ethan Ly, Kayla Gutierrez & Julius Yang.

Announcements: Monday, May 10, 100th anniversary for Rotary Club of Anaheim @ 8:00 AM, meeting w/Rotary International President: Holger Knaack will be in attendance. Everyone is invited, register through DACdb.
Upcoming Dental clinic-We must be approved by USC dental students. All of their volunteers must be vaccinated. More information to follow.

Fine Master-Roy-
$2 fine for Lisa for not wearing and Rotary logo.
Happy Bucks-Craig had $5 for his son’s safe return from Afghanistan. Also he had $3 for all members not wearing glasses-Elizabeth, Glenn, Turgut. Ron had $5 for the safe return of Craig’s son, Kathi has $10 for Craig’s son returning to the USA. Ward had $5 for Craig helping him fill the Blessing Boxes with the extra food supplies and hygiene products, leftover from ❤️ Placentia.
Roy had $5 for RJ & girlfriend visiting from Colorado. Alice had $50 towards the general fund, in memory for her mother’s 96th birthday. Lisa had $4 for four bags of recyclables, which Ron will retrieve from her home. Kevin had $5 for golfing. Jim had $5 forsaking 1st place in a golf tournament in support of Families of Active Military @ AVCC. Craig had $1 for successful knee surgery for daughter, Marina & Carrie dropping her computer on her foot, breaking both! Roy had $1 for Holly still in recovery mode from foot surgery, 7 weeks ago.

RYLA Attendees/Interact members-
Kayla Gutierrez-Secretary of Interact Club. She almost didn’t attend due to the long hours and a difficult school year. Her leader, Felix was really great! The 1st meeting was awkward, but once they were past it, everyone stayed for 2 hours. She learned about how people are different in leadership techniques. During this time, her father was hospitalized & it was very stressful for the entire family, but she and her brother actually drew closer during the difficult time.

Julius Yang-Vice President of Interact Club. He thought the online/virtual event would not be effective. But he was wrong! Teamwork is paramount. Personality dictated how they worked together in the group. They have different perspective on leadership.

Ethan Ly-President of Interact Club-He was glad to have attended & would do it again! Leadership-skills, communication, trust, teamwork. It was easy to attend & participate on the Internet. The level of intimacy on online, was amazing! He became comfortable sharing with others in a group. He felt as if everyone really did care about him.

Assignments for Wednesday , May 12, 2021
Pledge: Jim, Inspirational Moment: Glenn, 4 Way-Test: Kathi
Speaker: Charley Wright-Investment Strategies

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