Rotary Supported Her in 2011, Noelle Freeman Joins Rotary in 2021

Kathi Baldwin

MAR. 30, 2021

Noelle Freeman, Miss California 2011, visited the club during her reign. She is a proud graduate of Chapman University and recently was elected to the Human Relations Commission for Beverly Hills and just became a Rotarian!

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday Meeting

Attendance: Ward, Glenn, Kathi, Roy, Jim, Hugh, Alice, Elizabeth, Nate, Paul, Turgut, Kevin, Gil, Lisa. We had 2 guests: Eileen McCormack and Valeria Santos, speaker.
Pledge:Alice, 4 Way-Test: Hugh, Inspirational Moment: Lisa.

Ward-Easter EggCitement went very well! Hugh, Gae, Ward, Glenn, Kathi, Alice, Roy were there to distribute the candy and deliver & set up the awning. All most all of the candy was distributed during the drive through and the remaining candy was delivered to Letty Gali for LOT 318. We met a lovely young woman, America from VHS, who we shared information for Interact. She would be a great addition to the club.

To sign up for ❤️ Placentia, go to to volunteer. Select volunteer, encouragement, homeless packs with City Net and sign up. The packing of the bags for the homeless will take place outside the Aguirre Building from 9-12.

Fine Master Hugh Wood-final week!
Gil and Lisa were fined $1 for being late. Roy, Turgut, Gil were fined $2 for not proudly displaying the Rotary logo.
Rotary Magazine-What’s on the cover? Nate, Jim, Turgut, Roy, Kevin were fined $5 for not knowing. It is Wasteland. What was the RI President Holger Knaack message in this issue? Ward knew the answer!
Unfortunately, Elizabeth, Gil and Paul were fined $5 for not knowing.

Happy Bucks-Nate $5 for Hugh doing a great job as Fine Master & had another $5 for whoever volunteered for April ! Glenn was the lucky club member who volunteered to serve as the Fine Master in April! Paul had $20 bragging rights for welcoming his 3rd grandson. Gil had $5 for being in a good mood, Elizabeth had $30 for the memorial service honoring Fred, Hugh also had $20 for memorial service being well done. Turgut had $5 for Maria’s doctor giving her the “go ahead” for the COVID vaccine. Jim had $20 for a letter he received from a childhood friend of his mothers. They were friends for 90 years!

Jim announced a sponsorship of $900 from Golden State Water. Thanks, Steve!

Jim announced the first $100,000.00 has been sent to Xela aid.

The speaker, Valeria Santos with the US State Department spoke on the complicated relationship between the United States and China. This was a very informative and engaging discussion. There were many questions and I am sure that we all wished that we had more time.
Pledge:Jim, 4 Way-Test: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Lisa
Fine Master Glenn Baldwin