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Remember District Conference 2018

Kathi Baldwin

NOV. 4, 2020

Rotary District Conference in Buena Park, held 2 years ago. Kevin, Andrea, Ward & Kathi, sampling our margaritas out on the blacktop & it was so stinking hot!

Rotary Club of Placentia Newsletter
November 4, 2020

Members in attendance: Kathi, Ward, Glenn, Ron, Craig, Turgut, Roy, Nate, Alice, Lisa, Kevin, Hugh, Jim
Pledge: Ward, Inspirational Moment: Craig, 4 Way-Test: Jim
There was no planned speakers this week.
Kathi provided the latest activities & events from the chamber-don't forget next week is Restaurant Week! The Electronic Waste Collection Event is being held, November 7 & 8 @ Placentia Town Center. It’s all in the weekly calendar!
Ward-city update-Thanks for all of the support from the club for the new Halloween Event that was held on Thursday, October 29. It was a huge success, (11 members participated). The outdoor dining has been extended to 6/30/2021. Local restaurant, “Mr. D’s," is planning to conduct car shows in the same location as the Tuesday Night Farmer’s Market-parking lot, located between “Mr. D’s” and the Bank of America. There is a possibility the Rotary Club will be able to have a booth during this time, to distribute material.
Jim announced there is still time to be a part of Polio Plus Annual Giving Program. Also, the Rotary Foundation Gala is Friday, November 6 @ 6:00 PM. There is no charge to attend but contributions are welcome! Sign up through DaCdb.
Lisa, in her 1st week as Fine Master, proved more then capable to fill this position! Last week, Turgut’s 18 years in Rotary was announced and he was not in attendance, so Lisa made the announcement again & Turgut donated $18 to the PennyPot. Lisa quizzed everyone on the prizes for the upcoming Restaurant Week & no one knew what they were to be(including Kathi, who has been announcing it for the past several weeks), so everyone was fined $1.00. Lisa asked the club members for the theme of the most recent Rotarian Magazine & Alice claimed it is the International Convention & Craig stated it is social changes. Everyone else was fined $1.00. Lisa asked who the 2022-2023 RI President is & Kathi & Ron shared it is Jennifer Jones from Canada. Everyone else was fined $1.00. Kathi had $10 HB for Halloween fun with grandchildren & the discovery of Glenn’s grandparents home as well as their burial location in Lake Elsinore. Ron had $5 HB-no more politics! Turgut had the same $5 HB. Craig & Carrie had $5 HB for the Halloween event & working with Turgut. Jim had $20 SB for the recent loss of a great Rotarian, Steve Larson, the Veteran's Day Observance has been announced as a virtual event and finally, new conduit needs to be run under his putting green, requiring a city permit! Lisa had $5 HB for the election being over. Alice had $5 HB for the Halloween event & the Interactors who stayed for the entire event. Ward had $5 HB for the Halloween 🎃 event & for the election being over. Turgut had $5 HB for Maria beginning chemotherapy treatment as a precaution, to be followed by 6 sessions of radiation. So far, she feels good! Kathi & Lisa both had $5 HB for the Reverse Advent Calendar of donations, in which the club has decided to participate. Ward & Michelle can drop off bags as well as pick them up on November 23 & 24, Monday & Tuesday for the Whitten Center. Kathi will resend the list of items. Glenn offered to feature the remaining items from the Cowabunga silent auction on Facebook, to give other folks the opportunity to bid on them. Ron offered to cover the cost of the boost on Facebook.
Lisa is organizing the Christmas Party/Get Together/Get Reacquainted
For the club on Saturday, December 12, beginning @ 12:00 Noon, to be held @ Tri-City Park. It will be a BYOC&D. Bring your own chair & dish! Ward would like to plan an evening @ a Brewery for a club social in December. Details to follow. Alice reminded us, Craig offered to welcome us to his backyard for a social as well, we need a date!
Speaker next week, November 11, is David Lott from the Rotary Club of Long Beach. Turgut has invited him to share information on the club’s water project in Mozambique. November 18, will be Miss Placentia sharing with all of us, what she has been up to during these trying times-you might be surprised!
Club assignments for Wednesday, November 11: Pledge: Glenn, Inspirational Moment: Jim, 4 Way-Test: Ward.

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