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REACH Foundation now focuses on STEM

Kathi Baldwin

MAR. 03,2021

Resources for the Enrichment of Academics, Arts, Athletics for our Children to reach their ultimate Heights (REACH) has evolved through the current challenges toward an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Rotary Club of Placentia
March 3, 2021

Pledge-Craig, 4 Way-Test-Lisa , Inspirational Moment-Craig,

Members in attendance: Roy, Ron, Ward, Kathi, Elizabeth, Craig, Alice, Turgut, Hugh, Glenn, Jim, Lisa, Kevin.

Guest-Speaker, Melina Michaels from the REACH Foundation.

Ward-city up date: City is conducting reviews of the parks as well as potential location of the senior citizen/community center. A possible location is the large green area that fronts out on to Kraemer Blvd, between Parkview School parking lot (location of the pancake breakfast during Heritage Day) and the new water tower @ Tri-City Park. The weekly count for COVID is on Sunday each week and results are announced on Tuesday, so we’re hoping for good news!

Jim announced contributions to The Rotary Foundation are down and one half of the club members have not made a contribution. These funds are what are returned to us for grants, so it is crucial to maintain our giving to sustain our ability to apply for grant money for upcoming projects. Please contact Jim for any questions as well as to make your contribution of a minimum of $25.00.

Harvesting was happening on Saturday, February 27 @ a home located in Yorba Linda. Turgut, William, Alice, Hugh and Glenn were the harvesters! 3 boxes were delivered to His OC, 4-5 to the Navigation Center and Veterans Village. Turgut commented on the length of time the deliveries take-4 hours. After the deliveries were completed, Turgut and William filled the blessing boxes.

Fine Master Hugh Wood-
Happy Bucks-Jim had $100.00 for the Scholarship Fund to celebrate his 30 years in Rotary! Glenn also celebrated his club anniversary of 25 years by donating $200.00 to The Rotary Foundation. Craig is celebrating his 4th wedding anniversary by donating $40.00 to The Rotary Foundation. Hugh had a March quiz for us-Ron knew the first answer “March comes in like a lion”-no fine, Elizabeth didn't know the answer posed to her about March Madness/basketball-$2 fine, Turgut didn’t know the Ides of March answer so $2 fine. Roy did not know the answer to his question-$2 fine. Craig was the only member not displaying any Rotary swag-$2 fine. Ward had $5 for citizens appreciating the 4 Way-Test as being better than most rules! Ry had $5 for the car show @ Mr. D’s on Monday. Alice contributed $100 to the scholarship fund for the 1st anniversary of her mother's passing. Elizabeth contributed $100 in honor of Fred’s birthday on March 7. Kathi had $10 for Lisa and Craig beginning the Leadership Institute on Saturday. Roy made a contribution of $45 to The Rotary Foundation for the COVID vaccines. Lisa had $5 for beginning the Leadership Institute & for the Rotary Club of Monarch Beach tried to lure her away from us! Craig commented on the Rotary Club of Anaheim Hills trying the same maneuver on him!
Sad Bucks-Hugh donated $100 to The Rotary Foundation in honor of Santa Fred passing away. Kevin donated $100 for Santa Fred as well. Fred passed away on Monday, March 1.

REACH Foundation-Melina Michaels REACH Foundation was founded in 2012 to fill a gap in funding for a middle school track meet. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the schools in the PYLUSD in the Arts, Academics and Athletics. They have constantly been evolving and now are focused on STEM. They now have Tech Girls Coding program, Tech Girls Club and the CTE Program for students not bound for college. They offered a spelling bee for five year for students in elementary school and our club participated in the Spelling Bee for all 5 years. We offered to volunteer and were assured there were many ways for us to do so.

Assignments for Wednesday , March10:
Pledge: Kathi, 4 Way-Test: Craig, Inspirational Moment: Lisa
Fine Master Hugh Wood
Speaker: Yavuz Atilla-Rotary’s new area of Focus-Protecting and Preserving the Environment.

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