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Project Connect Global Grant Approved

Kathi Baldwin

APRIL 21, 2021

“Project Connect,” a COVID-safe computer lab to get children of a poverty belt in the Guatemala highlands back to school has been approved. This is certainly cause to celebrate. During the approval process based on the observations of our friends at TRF, we expanded the scope of the grant to include a significant amount of training to help teachers in the region to become more effective in navigating the new online learning platforms, and also, to be more effective in the classroom when that is possible. We are grateful to TRF, and of course to each of you and your Clubs and Districts for supporting this project which will help to ensure educational equity for indigenous children who are marginalized and forgotten.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday , April 21, 2021

Attendance: Ward, Kathi, Glenn, Ron, Turgut, Roy, Alice, Elizabeth, Lorraine, Kevin, Nate, Hugh, Gil, Lisa.
Speakers/Guests: Mel & Leslie Dinkel
Pledge: Ward, Inspirational Moment : Kathi, 4 Way-Test: Ward

Ward-❤️ Placentia-Saturday, April 24, 2021, from 9-12 @ the Aguirre Building, located @ Champion Sports Complex. The event will have a virtual “kick off” rally @ 8:00 AM. T-Shirt pick-up @ Rose Drive Church from 5-6:30 on Friday, April 23. The inspirational notes will e written prior to filling the bags. Arbor Day is Wednesday , April 28, 2021, @ 5:00 PM on Facebook. There will be eight trees planted.
Turgut announced, Gil Cisneros has been nominated for Under Secretary of the Defense! Congratulations to Gil !!

Fine Master-Glenn-
Members not displaying the Rotary logo-Roy, Hugh, Gil and Ward-$2 fine each. Glenn can’t read-$2 fine. Lorraine donated $50 to The Rotary Foundation and so did her husband & fellow club member, Kevin.
Happy Bucks-Hugh had $2 for Paul Harris’s birthday on Monday, April 19. Lorraine and Paul Harris share the same date. Alice had $2 for Paul Harris’s birthday, Lisa had $2 for Paul Harris’s birthday & another $2 for being late.
Rotary Magazine quiz-what fellowship was highlighted this month-Rail Roading! Elizabeth had $5 for sister’s transfer by air ambulance from Florida to Pennsylvania. Ward had $10 for ❤️ Placentia. Ron added an additional $5 for his birthday on Thumbtack , April 22. He shares his birthday w/Patti, Alice had $10 for Clay receiving the first of his vaccine. Lorraine had $5 for Mel & Leslie attending the meeting today. Gil had $100 for scholarship & the anticipation of his new position. Turgut had $5 for William being @ Vandenberg.

Mel & Leslie Dinkel brought an update on the successful and ongoing project in Quetzaltenango. Our club is part of a large contingency of clubs raising Monet to support the families in this community. Thanks to Kevin and Lorraine for arranging for this update. Kevin mentioned a 2022 trip & several club members are interested in being a part of the group. I have forwarded to all of you, the most recent newsletter I received.

Assignments for Wednesday, April 28, 2021:
Pledge:Kathi, 4 Way-Test: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Craig
Fine Master: Glenn in his final week.
Club Assembly

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