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Placentia Fire and Safety

Craig Hall

MAR. 22, 2022

On July 1, 2020 the Placentia Fire and Life Safety Department began their first shift. The primary mission of the Department is the delivery of life safety services. The department provides 24-hour emergency response to a wide variety of critical situations, including fires, medical emergencies, accidents, and miscellaneous public assistance requests.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Weekly Meeting
March 22, 2022
In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC of Placentia: Kath,i Glenn, Ward, Nate, Art, Ron, Jim, Elizabeth, Dottie, Alice, Patti, TC ,Hugh, Maverick, Craig, Polly, Debye,
Guest – Speaker Chief Dobine Ethan President and Julius VP of Interact
ZOOM – Lisa
We kicked things off at 7:01 am with the pledge from Maverick and words of inspiration from Debye.

Summer kick off soon Community Service Programs
Awarded 2 Fed earmarks 1. for Golden Ave bridge 2. Grant for community programs
Tonight, will be on ZOOM call with Love Yorba Linda tomorrow host Love Placentia meeting, SAT APRIL 30th for Love Placentia,
Dukes on Orangethorpe Wind Down Wed. 5-7pm
Power networking speaker owner of All Coty Cleaning at Rems.
2nd wedding show at Women’s RoundTable 1-4 this Sunday

Hugh: Pope John Paul’s Catholic Church will host Ukraine Refugee fundraiser Apr 24th 5pm $25 a person
Kathi: Got a thank you from last speaker TOP SOCCOR
Kathi: Dist. training April 2nd Dist. Conf. May 14th in Irvine 8-3 lunch included $65,
Sign up going around for Easer Egg-citment on April 9th 10-1pm Need helpers.
Lisa: Have had a few new donations come in for Cowabunga
TC I have a title sponsor for Cowabunga
Jim Update on flagpole after meeting
Interact- Ethan Events coming up, hoping to do a Ukraine event, fundraising plan in motion. Still in early stages.
Julius: we are planning on making kits for homeless, looking for organization to help distribute kits. Have funds for 180 kits.
PROGRAM: Jason Dobine Placentia Fire Chief, 30 years of service since 1992 in Southern California. The Department strives to provide the highest level of life and property safety in a caring and cost effective manner, and to continually provide quality customer service for the community, the City and to one another. The Fire Department is comprised of dedicated career firefighters. The members of the Fire Department take extreme pride in serving the citizens and visitors of Placentia with the upmost respect and compassion
Life Safety Property conservation is our priority
Inspect local business
Dedicated to protecting this community
Education at an early age (stop drop roll)
Hazard reduction and emergency response
Future: Emergency response team or CERT team training
Challenges: Retention of employees, shortage today and struggle to find personal

4 WAY TEST – Nate


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