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Placentia Chamber of Commerce – Vital to the Health of our Local Business

Kathi Baldwin

JAN. 20,2021

This ribbon cutting of several years ago features many familiar faces reflecting the chamber's long and rich history. The Executive Director of Placentia Chamber of Commerce, Michele Severson is our guest speaker this week. Michele shared many of the ways our chamber helps our local businesses prosper. The chamber holds over 90 local networking and business building events each year.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Pledge: Jim, Inspirational Moment: Alice, 4 Way-Test: Alice
Attendance: Glenn, Kathi, Ward, Roy, Alice, Ron, Turgut, Kevin, Hugh, Lisa, Nate, Jim, Elizabeth. Guest-Michele Severson-Executive Director Placentia Chamber of Commerce.

Ward-groundbreaking on JPI Project, AUDI dealership-opening Nov-Dec 2021. Springhill Suites by Marriott will be opening very soon. Currently, a physical audit and review of all parks located in Placentia is taking place. There might be a fun water activity @ McFadden or Gomez Park, possibly a skatepark or BMX park @ Koch. There is a new super site opening in Orange County for the vaccine.

Jim: 47 units are occupied @ the Veterans Village. Only 140 total case of Polio in 2020!

Nate Forrest-Fine Master-
Nate started right off with fines for not proudly displaying the Rotary logo-$2 fine to Hugh, Roy and Elizabeth. Ron, Lisa and Kathi have all read over 15 books during the shelter in place, so they are fine free, everyone else $2 fine. Turgut, Jim & Kevin are fine free for continuing to exercise during this time, everyone else $2 fine. Happy Bucks-Lisa had $10 fr her mother and sister moving to California! Jim had $10 for the COVID Vaccine. Turgut had $50 for scholarship-William is back safely in California, driving solo from New Orleans. He will be heading back to Vandenberg. Lisa & Kathi each, had $10 for the success of the scholarship campaign by Glenn & Lisa. Ward also had $10 for scholarships, & making it to Donuts & Derelicts, car show in Huntington Beach, to visit with Roy. Nate had $10 for the demo inside his house & the success of the remodel of his home, Alicia was thrilled! They moved back in on January 14, Alicia designed the whole remodel. Alice had $10 for sharing breakfast with a friend, who saw Glenn's promo on scholarships and will be supporting the clubs efforts.

Michele Severson-Placentia Chamber: There is “in home” test available for COVID. We are invited to attend the weekly Zoom meetings. Michele complimented Lisa for the design of the Rotary page on the chamber website, she uses it as an example to new members. Tea-holic located on Kimberly, off Placentia Ave. is really struggling, if we could visit them, it would really help! The chamber proudly hosts 80 events per year & we can be a part of them. The chamber has a standing location @ the Placentia Farmers

Market even Tuesday. We are able to use it, just contact Michele. We can make use of their awning or bring the Rotary awning. Michele offered for a member of Rotary to speak @ the Friday Zoom luncheons, to promote Rotary. Michele suggested the use of a social media representative to promote the club more.
Next week is club assembly
Pledge: Glenn, Inspirational Moment: Alice, 4 Way-Test: Kathi
Birthday -Krystina Gabler-January 26, Anniversaries -Turgut & Maria-January 31.

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