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Local Author David Putnam Spellbinds Morning Meeting

Kathi Baldwin

FEB. 03, 2021

Sharing his life long love of reading and writing throughout his prolonged journey through the many facets of law enforcement to becoming a published author, David Putnam had us captivated with his real life stories.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
President Ward Smith

Attendance: Ward Kathi, Roy, Craig, Ron, Alice, Nate, Elizabeth, Lisa, Turgut, Michelle, Kevin, Gil, Jim, Glenn. Guest: Author David Putnam-speaker.
Pledge: Jim, 4 Way-Test: Alice, Inspirational Moment: Craig

Ward: groundbreaking on the JPI property on Crowther Ave. will take place. This development will have 418 units with retail on the ground floor. The harvesting on Saturday, January 30 yielded 600 pounds of oranges and grapefruit. Those members participating were: Craig, Hugh, Jim, Glenn Alice and Ward. Jim announced another harvesting opportunity @ Al Shkoler’s home on Thursday, February 4. Elizabeth will check with her neighbor to see if the club might come there as well.
Kathi made the announcement on the change to virtual for the International Convention, originally scheduled for Taiwan.

Scholarship News: Morgan Stanley, has made a $1000.00 donation. Robert Gabler’s employer. Robert personally donated an additional $200.
Kevin announced the District Grant of $3200.00 for the house build through Corazon, will probably not happen. We will find another worthy organization to which we can contribute. Kevin will address this at the upcoming board of directors meeting on Wednesday, February 17. The dental clinic is still a possibility.
Alice will poll the members in regard to the possibility of the Tuesday night social on February 9 @ either Craftsman or Mr. D’s.

Fine Master Craig Hall in his first week! Who was late? $1 fine to Kevin, Michelle and Gil. If you did not attend the harvesting on January 30, $1 fine.
Time for trivia-what happened on this day in 1870? The 15th amendment was ratified. $1 for everyone!

Happy Bucks: Ron got his shot-$5, Roy got his shot $5, Turgut is celebrating his and Maria’s 39th wedding anniversary-he rounded up to $50 for his shot, Elizabeth $5 for Fred settling in at the rehabilitation location in Fullerton, Kathi had $50 for her club anniversary, donated to the scholarship fund through the club website. This coming week is Alex’s club anniversary.
No Sad Bucks!
Lisa introduced author, David Putnam, former police officer, sergeant, detective and special agent. He currently has 3 new books planned to come out in the next 2 years. He has been in Southern California for 28 years. He shared a story on the 575 bone sites in San Bernardino County-a man in Phelan was asked if his dog had brought him a bone, he replied how the dog had brought him a chamois. It turned out to be the skin from the back of a missing person! He had been using it to wash is car. If you have any questions for David, he can be reached at:

The speaker for next week is author, Judy Bernstein.
Assignments: Pledge: Glenn, 4 Way-Test: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Craig

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