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Home Share OC Program matches students with elderly

Kathi Baldwin

JAN. 13, 2020

Chief Chef Turgut Cakiraga at our annual pancake breakfast for Heritage Day, October 11, 2014 is surrounded by Miss Placentia and Miss Yorba Linda Courts.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Members in attendance: Ward, Kathi, Glenn, Craig, Ron, Alice, Roy, Jim, Nate, Lisa, Turgut & Kevin.
Pledge: Alice, Inspirational Moment: Patti, 4 Way-Test: Lisa (Craig)
“Raise your words, not your voices. It is the rain that grows the flowers, not the thunder.”

Announcements: Club Board Development-Thursday, March 18, 5:30-7:30 PM via zoom. Treasurer, Secretary, Foundation Chair, Club Compliance Chair-should all plan to attend.

District 5320 Summit-Saturday, March 20, 8-11 AM. Topics will be: Fight Human Trafficking, Environmental Sustainability Engagement, Peace-how to negotiate the middle, Project Ideas. The meeting will be via Zoom.

Ward-City Announcements: Ground Breaking for JPI Project on Crowther Ave., AUDI Dealership, Spring Hill Suites by Marriott. Mega site for COVID Vaccine-Disneyland. Possible sites: Knott’s Berry Farm, OC Fairgrounds.
Board Meeting-Wednesday, January 20, 6:30-8:00 PM via Zoom.
Ward will be taking a delivery of items For the Troops to Simi Valley tomorrow @ 8:00 AM, if anyone would like to come along.
Jim announced there were no responses from the social media post for harvesting.
Tuesday, January 26, there will be a free farmers market on Melrose.

Fine Master-Nate*
What historical event took place on January 13, 1910? $2 fine to everyone-1st Public Radio Broadcast! A. Movie on this subject, highly recommend by Nate, “Vast of Night.” Information from Rotarian Magazine-No one knew “Sanitation” was a key article and the number of people openly defecting-950 million. $2 fine. By 2030, annual global water requirements will exceed current sustainable water supplies by 40%. No one knew this either, $2 fine.

Happy Bucks-Alice is celebrating her birthday by contributing $70 to the scholarship fund, Kathi contributed $50 for son, Ryan’s baptism and confirmation @ Blessed Sacrament Church on Sunday. Craig had $1 for Tommy Lasorda’s always positive manner. Ward contributed $50 to the scholarship fund for his year of service to the Placentia Community as mayor.

Speaker-Laura Kraft, Project Manager @ HIS OC, Home Share OC
Laura earned an MSG in Gerontology from CSUF. She spoke about housing opportunities for students & seniors. Their vision is: building a foundation of connections. Laura discussed the housing challenges confronting college communities. The typical student in 2019, paid $12,174 for housing & $4,122 for on-campus dining. Unfortunately, student support services are not being utilized. The Home Share OC Program matches enrolled college students with a homeowner with a spare room available for rent. Shared housing leads to positive social outcomes. There are interviews along with background checks, references, school transcripts, as part of the process to being matched. There are many positive impacts directly connected to shared housing: students have safe, secure housing, academics improve, build relationships with older generations. Seniors improve social connections, decrease isolation, extra income. It can improve graduation rates, decrease student insecurities.
Contact Laura @ if you're interested.

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