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Guatemala Literacy Project to be District's Largest Global Grant

Craig Hall

OCT. 06, 2021

Our district is honored to have been selected to be the sponsoring district (with Yorba Linda Sunrise as the sponsoring RC) of Global Grant 2124415, also known as The Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP). This Global Grant is expected to be in excess of $525K, which makes it the largest GG yet sponsored by D5320. It is our intent to make this a true D5320 project with 100% of our clubs participating.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Club Meeting
In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC of Placentia; Elizabeth, Jim, Ward, Kevin, Nate, Alex, Ron, JoAnne, Debye, Paul, Dottie, Patti, Alice, Hugh, Glenn, Kathi, TC, Maverick, Craig
ZOOM Lisa, Cristihan, Andrea
We kicked things off at 7am with the pledge from Kathi and words of inspiration from Glenn.
Guestes this week included Our Speaker Paula Cho Fox and her Husband from the Yorba Linda Club as well as a great friend of Debye’s Polly, the owner operator of Market Fresh Grill!
City report form Ward included these tidbits
Police Chief is moving to Westminster, Interim to be announced
Street work is onging
Planning next City projects now
Fiber City project is mobbing along nicely.
May be working with Library for Halloween Event MONSTER MASH more to come
Chamber report from Kathi included
Restaurant week now in Placentia!
Great State of the City event last week!
Lunch mob 10/6 San Sushi 11:30am – 1
Friday Networking event is Friday 10/8 Rems 11:30-1pm Jennifer Lamb Insurance Speaker
Recognition awards went to Nate and Alice from Jim. Paul Harris X 5 Pins.
Kathi awarded Dottie ROTARIN OF THE MONTH honors!!! But that is not it…. A Second ROTARIAN OF THE MONTH went to Glenn!!! Congrats to you both…
Alice reminded everyone that next Tues is the evening Social Meeting at Craftsman
TC has a signup sheet for Heritage Days Pancake Breakfast shifts starting at 5am to 10am also trying to find somewhere to donate any uncooked sausages after event
Fine Master stand in today Ward, leading to the following
$57 Lisa for husbands BDAY!!
$85 JoAnne for Al’s big BDAY!!
$100 Kevin for he and Lorrains anniversary!!! 32 years Congrats you!!!
$100 Elizabeth to Paul Haris for her 33 years in Rotary starting in October of 1987!
$2 Alex, first play of first flag football game his son scores a touchdown!!!!
$1 Ron for Rotarians of the Month Glenn and Dottie
$1 Jim Club Tax forms are done!!
$5 Alice for her trip to Studio City
$20 Paula for having her here today!
$2 Debye for her friend Polly who made it today
$4 Hugh for Polly being here
$5 Lisa got a new Toyota Hybrid
Paul Cho Fox of the Yorba Linda Club to discuss the Rotary Guatemalan Literacy Project.
Some Highlights of this massive project, that is the largest of its kind;
1. Rotary partners with NGO and local government Ministry to execute
2. Goal is to end poverty through education
3. 80% of country lives in poverty and 1/8 of population is illiterate
4. This program is now 23 years strong and has reached 250000 kids
5. What is provided
a. 40 hours instruction for teachers
b. In class coaching
c. 150 books for the program
6. Those who show growth and ability can become a RISE SCHOLAR and receive further assistance
a. College / Career training
7. The program teaches Job Skills Life Skills and Service Above Self to the participants
Now raising the largest global grant in district history for the project year 22-23. Yorba Linda Club is spearheading effort with goal of $528,000.
Looking for 100% club support among the districts. Each member contributing $20 across district would achieve goal.
Look forward to your support on this one…. ‘’THANK YOU PAULA”!!!!!
To close things out we have a RAFFLE winner Kathi!!!!!! Thanks to Elizabeth, this week’s sponsor.
4 WAY TEST – Nate

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