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Fred Minter Will be Missed

Kathi Baldwin

FEB. 24, 2021

On Monday, March 1, Elizabeth's husband, Fred Minter passed away. Many new him fondly as “Santa Fred” because he brought Christmas cheer with him all year long. Elizabeth is a longtime member of Rotary, not only in the Placentia club but others clubs as well. Elizabeth was club president for 2003-2004. Fred was always by her side, supporting her efforts. And she was always by his side as Mrs. Claus. Our prayers are with Elizabeth at this sad time.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Club Assembly

Attendance: Ward, Glenn, Kathi, Roy, Ron, Turgut, Nate Jim, Craig, Alice, Kevin, Lisa, Elizabeth, Hugh, Paul, Gil.

Pledge: Lisa, 4 Way-Test: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Glenn
Kathi shared some of the future events for the chamber.

Ward announced a mobile unit for the vaccine was operating @ the PYLUSD Office and was @ Valadez Middle School on 2/20, will return to the PYLUSD Office on 2/27. Paul asked about the possibility of a mobile unit for those interested and there is no confirmed date @ this time.

Kevin announced the Global Grant was approved for $125,000.00!

In his final week as Fine Master, Craig was in “Fine” Form!
Gil and Paul were fined $1 for being late. February 24, 2021, is the 116th Birthday for Rotary! Jim knew the answer and everyone else is fined $1.
What was the 1st Rotary Project? Glenn knew-comfort stations on the streets of Chicago! Everyone else was fined $1. What is the furthest away a Rotary banner has ever been displayed-the moon! Glenn knew the answer-Apollo 8 and Frank Foreman. Buzz Aldrin took the 4 Way-Test to the moon. Happy Bucks-Elizabeth had $10 for Fred being moved to Sorento, Hugh had $10 for his 2nd vaccine being scheduled for next week, Ron also has his 2nd vaccine scheduled for next week-$5, Turgut had $10 because he has had both vaccine shots, Paul had $10 for his 2nd vaccine being scheduled for next week, Lisa had $5 for qualifying for the vaccine, Alice had $10-5 for being scheduled for her 2nd vaccine and 5 for no longer having 2 huge palm trees on her property & replacing them with desert museum trees. Jim had $10 for his grandson finally being able to play high school football and not needing to shovel snow and clear the windshields this morning! Jim contributed $100 to a Paul Harris in honor of his mother, who passed away the previous week. Craig had $1 for being at the bottom of the list for the COVID vaccine. Nate had $5 for Hugh stepping into the position of fine Master for the month of March!

Harvesting will take place on Saturday, February 27, those volunteering are: Glenn, Alice, Turgut, William and Hugh.

Three students Fromm VHS will be attending eRYLA in April. We will schedule them to visit a meeting and share their experiences.

Easter egg-Citement is scheduled for Saturday, March 27 @ Placentia City Hall.

Love Placentia is scheduled for Saturday, April 24. There won’t be a rally in person this year, it will be via Zoom instead. They are anticipating 600 volunteers and 25-28 projects.

Since there will not be a Corazon House Build this year, the funds are being diverted to Veterans Village. They have provided a list of supplies for the club.
There is a Board of Directors Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, March 24.

There was a suggestion of holding the Wednesday, March 31 club meeting @ Tri-City Park as a BYOCC, bring your own coffee and chair. Contact Kathi if you're interested in attending in social distancing meeting.

Willam Cakiraga will be donating the funds for a tree, through the project sponsored by the city, in memory of his grandfather.

Meeting next week:speaker is Melina Michaels from the REACH Program.

Assignments: Pledge-Craig, 4 Way-Test-Lisa, Inspirational Moment-Craig .

Birthdays and Anniversaries
Glenn Club Anniversary 3/1/96
Jim Club Anniversary 3/1/91
Craig Wedding Anniversary 3/6
Elizabeth’s Husband, Fred B’Day 3/7
Paul’s wife Kathie B’Day 3/13
Robert Birthday 3/13
Lisa Wedding Anniversary 3/17
Lee Birthday 3/19
Andrea Club Anniversary 3/28/18

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