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Final Prep & Assignments for Halloween Drive Through

Kathi Baldwin

OCT.28, 2020

The Rotary Club of Placentia packed up hundreds of bags of candy for the city's Halloween Drive Through and final assignments were made for stations at each of the four planned stops. The club members helped to ensure that the event was a big success for all our local residents.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Newsletter October 28, 2020 Members in attendance: Alice, Glenn, Kathi, Roy, Ron, Jim, Nate, Lisa, Kevin, Craig, Andrea, Michelle.

The Fine Master for November will be our newest member-Lisa Pacheco!

Ward was out of this world the week, so Michelle filled the position for him!

Michelle led the pledge, Craig offered the Inspirational Moment & Kathi led the 4 Way-Test

Kathi provided an update on the Placentia Chamber of Commerce.

Jim announced the Foundation Gala on Friday, November 6, 2020.

Jim announced the need for transportation for the residents of Veteran's Village on Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

Fine Master-in his final week as Fine Master, Craig announced the club anniversary for eighteen years for Turgut! Unfortunately he was absent from the meeting. Ir is also Roy’s club anniversary-fourteen years! He proudly donated $25.00.
For those in attendance, not participating in the candy packaging yesterday-$1.00 fine. For those in attendance not volunteering to distribute the candy on Thursday, October 29, $1.00 fine.
Alice had $5 HB for the Dodgers and Lakers successes this season.
Ron had $5 HB for seeing the candy packaging yesterday.
Lisa also had $5 HB for the same reason.
Jim had $5 HB his daughter was evacuated due to the fire but his safely home again.

Lisa shared the sad news of her father’s sudden passing due to kidney failure & a buildup of ammonia in his system. The club members expressed their condolences.

Alice announced the project report for LOT 318 has been received & accepted.

Jim also announced the same for the Veteran's Village. Hopefully there will be an announcement in the near future of a date for the Welcoming Party for the residents.

Kevin announced the date for the house build is TBA.

Maria Cakiraga shared an idea of a reverse advent calendar as a way of collecting & donating food to the families usually served from the Whitten Center. The club seemed very enthusiastic about the idea and Michelle offered to pick up the completed bags/boxes from the members. A list will be provided.
Andrea will promote the idea to the Interact Club Members.

Lisa is planning a club social @ Tri-City Park in the near future. I think we all need this!
Lisa shared that her husband, Jeff has plush toys he might offer to us at a discount for the Tamale Festival if it is scheduled or maybe for the Gomez Center.

Carrie Buck, a member of the PYLUSD Board of Directors, popped in to share the news of the hiring of the new superintendent for the school district!

There is no program planned for November 4, 2020.

Assignments are:
Pledge-Ward, Inspirational Moment-Craig, 4 Way-Test-Jim.

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