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Community Prayer Breakfast November 18th

Craig Hall

NOV. 03, 2021

Come join us for our annual breakfast of fellowship and thanksgiving. Entertainment provided by Valencia high school choir. Keynote speaker: Fred Ouderkerkein
Sponsored by the Placentia Round Table Women's Club and the Rotary Club of Placentia

Rotary Club of Placentia
Weekly meeting
November 3, 2021
In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC of Placentia. Hugh Dottie Elizabeth Patti Glenn Maverick Kathi Ward Ron Kevin Roy Michelle Jim Art Debye Alice Polly
ZOOM Lisa,
We kicked things off at 7:00am with the pledge from Craig and words of inspiration from Ward.
City report form Ward included these tidbits
Council Meeting last night
Paving East side of town
Fiber Optics continues
Lot318 Thanksgiving Event Signup coming
Possibly doing Christmas event at Gomez Center
Giving Thanks Breakfast is coming in a couple of weeks
Glenn added Digital tickets available at website for this and future events now
Chamber report from Kathi included
Lunch Mob this week Cucina Azteca 11:30-1 today
Recycling at Placentia Town Center Sat & Sun 9-3
8 Local Chambers will be meeting at Black Gold this week
Basket project for Homeless almost complete with United Way.
Jim – Please verify contact information for District
Jim – Presented President Baldwin with Paul Harris +7 pin
Alice – Looking at possibility of making Monthly evening meeting the only on for that week each month. Will collect thoughts and discussed
Fine Master Michelle
$2 Debye have finished the 8 weddings!
$5 Alice went to Brewhau????
$10 Ward $5 for Turkey Consulate dinner and presentation of City Proclamation
$1 Kathi went to Murietta for Halloween with grandkids… Lots of polite nice kids!!
$2 Art went to Palm Desert and learned Pickle Ball… Loved it!
$1 Patti also spent 5 days in Palm Desert at the pool cocktail in hand..
$5 Jim in honor of the speaker on Veterans Day this year
$23 Lisa Only 23 days of school left this semester!
Craig – We are attempting to make connect with Venture Academy about a partnership of some sort.
Craig will be filling in for Roy this year at Tamale fest as He will be out of town.
Jim – Board voted to raise dues from $70 to $90 per quarter
Happy Bucks now go to offset contributions to local charities
Hugh moves to vote
Kevin seconds
It passes unanimously
Jim - we pay a $300 room charge for AVCC
Possibly pass cost of room charge on to all members $19 per person
It was proposed to raise price of 3 meals per year (Christmas, Scholarship, District Gov) to $25 per member and bill all members to help offset costs
Hugh – against raising meal price for guests
Glenn – regularly pays $20-$25 for breakfast as a guest at other clubs
Proposed to amend piece to $20
Discussion tabled and Craig will send email to all members in regards to proposals and dues raise.

The raffle winner is WARD!!! Thanks to Jim, this week’s sponsor.
4 WAY TEST – Ward

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