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Colonel Jo-Anne Martin (Ret) Craft Talk

Craig Hall

JAN. 19, 2022

Jo-Anne gave an engrossing craft talk about her remarkable career with the United States Air Force. Her reciting of her background and professional accomplishments kept the audience spellbound throughout the presentation.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Weekly Meeting
January 19, 2022

In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC of Placentia Kathi, Glenn, Ward, Alice, Roy, Nate, Maverick, Jo-Anne, Jim, Debye, Craig, Hugh, Ron, Patti, Al, and Polly
ZOOM – Lisa, Art
We kicked things off at 7:00 am with the pledge from Roy and words of inspiration from Ward.
------HUGH WOOD!!!! Congrats Hugh and thank you for all you do!
WARD - We are responsible for filling Blessing Boxes this month. Ward filled them yesterday, but they were in need. Bring in food and receipts, we have a district grant for this project.

Maverick thanks for attending City Council Meeting
Senate Bill 9 (affordable Housing) 1000 units short in Placentia, exploring areas to develop new housing
Public Hearing tonight for redistricting
We remain fully functional at City Hall
Jim and Ward have been meeting with city over Flagpole and planter Project at Bradford House
Lunch Mob today and the Good Fish and Noodles 11:30 -1
ALICE – Excellence in Placentia Feb 3rd, we will have a table $70 per person. We want to fill table let Alice know
Fine Master: HUGH
Late Al – $5
Roy $2 for seeing a Bad Movie
Art – Anniversary $32
Roy $1 went to Disneyland with Holly
Maverick $10 went Santa Barbara with family
Ward $5 went to Arizona for the weekend
Joanne $1 went to Palm Desert
Debye $1 Daughter came for visit,,, for a N95 mask, whatever it takes to get them to visit…
Ron $1 he and Sue are going to France in May and Hawaii in Sept.
Alice $2 great weekend and Birthday with family
TODAY’S PROGRAM Jo-Anne Martin Craft Talk
Air Force Col. Martin from Poughkeepsie NY
Became Air Battle Manager in 1978
Very complicated, compare to air traffic controller
Intercept and identify unknown aircraft
After technical training you learn survival training
You get a live rabbit a few potatoes and a couple bottles of water for 5 days of survival and POW training
POW training spend 6 hours in a small box
Torture Brainwashing training
Went on to become Air Crew member
AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System)
Mission crew is 23-40 member with 4 flight crew members
12-hour flight missions followed by 12-hour break and then repeat
First Female grad of the Air Force Top Gun school
5-month program
Located at Nellis Air base in Las Vegas
Great deal of math and physics involved (4-5 months)
Spent 21 years in Air Force
What an amazing career Thank You for your service!!!!

The raffle winner is Al!!! Thanks to Ward, this week’s sponsor.
4 WAY TEST – Ward


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