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Bill Brown Placentia Rotarian and Veteran

Kathi Baldwin

NOV. 11, 2020

While visiting Villa De Palma a few years ago, I was so delighted to see a photo of Bill Brown on the Veterans Wall. I thought this was appropriate of Veterans Day.

Rotary Club of Placentia
newsletter for Wednesday , November 11, 2020

The 12 Members in attendance : Ward, Glenn, Kathi, Ron, Turgut, Jim, Michelle, Craig, Lisa, Hugh, Alice, Kevin. There were 2 guests: David Lott, the speaker & another member from the Rotary Club of Long Beach, Ahmet Atahan. There was a possibility of another guest, Debbie Payne from the Rotary Club of Brea.
The pledge was led by Glenn, Inspirational Moment: Jim, 4 Way-Test: Ward.
Kathi provided an update from the chamber. Ward announced the Veterans Day Observance will be available on Facebook & YouTube. &
The city is accepting applications for committees and commissions. There will be 2 additional drive-in movies.
Jim announced that @ the Foundation Gala, the Rotary Club of Placentia received recognition for Polio Plus for donating more than $1500.00 and A flag for “Every Rotarian Every Year” Annual Fund, for everyone in the club making a donation.
Lisa is organizing a Holiday get together @ TRi-City Park on Saturday , December 12, from 12:00 Noon until 3:00 PM. When you receive the RSVP & respond, you can share the dish you will be bringing. Lisa is also asking for us to support Sparks of Love by bringing a toy.
Fine Master-Lisa For this week, our Veterans are “fine free"-Jim, Ron & Hugh. Lisa instituted the “Hot Spot” & Turgut was 1st-whats the differences between Veterans Day & Memorial Day. He was fined $2.00. Next was Ward & he was fined $2.00. Alice was next & she was fined $2.00. Kathis was up next & knew where the wreath was laid & for whom, so no fines for her! Glenn was fined $2.00 for not knowing the 3 states where the most veterans reside. Craig was fined $2.00 for not knowing Veterans Day was originally named “Remembrance Day”. Michelle knew Chuck Norris is a veteran, so no fine for her! Everyone was fined $1.00 for not knowing if there was or was not an apostrophe in Veterans Day, there is not!
Kathi had $5 HB for Alicia & Brandon celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary. Hugh ad $5 HB for Roy Jefferson being selected as the District Governor Nominee Designee. Lisa had $5 HB for the day off & lunch w/friends. Craig had $1.00 HB for the 245th Anniversary for the Marine Corps. Michelle had $25 HB & SB, for the general fund, for the passing of her friend, Angela from cancer. Ward had $5 HB to move to the program!
Turgut introduced his friend Ahmet & David from the Rotary Club of Long Beach, to share information the club’s water project in Mozambique. We were able to view 3 videos, which really helped us visualize this project. The reason many water projects are abandoned is no sustainability. Justin’s team develops Community involvement. David stated, “This is the perfect project for Rotary," since it addresses all the areas of focus. The wells are revolved around schools & a committee oversees the well. The locals are educated on how to repair the well & keep it running-they have ownership. The water is sold for 2-3 cents per month. For this new project, $40,000.00 has already been raised within the district. With the matching funds, it would from to $120,000,00. It will be brought to the board for the meeting next week.

The speaker next week is Miss Placentia & she will share with us the events & activities in which she has been involved.

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