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Turgut "TC" Cakiraga

President, Co-President-Elec

When someone asks me “What is Rotary”, my short answer is “Rotarians are people with big hearts”.

When my wife and I were starting our careers, we worked very hard to establish ourselves. Thanks to God everything went very well. We had no worries about our future.

Once I was established within my career, I decided to give it back to the local community. During the research of the community organizations, Rotary being international and non-religious caught my attention. I really like our motto “Service above self” and our 4-Way Test in which we plan our lives. Leadership development efforts and fellowship are our best activities for younger individuals. Our local / international projects and scholarships benefit people in need.

During our international travels, we are always welcomed by local clubs to exchange ideas and possible joint projects.

There are 1.4 million Rotarians throughout the world. And I am one of them.


Turgut "TC" Cakiraga
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