Each year the Placentia Rotary Club awards thousands of dollars in college scholarship to deserving students who attend El Dorado, El Camino Real, Parkview, or Valencia high schools. The members take great pride in providing scholarships for these young students who go on to further their education and become our leaders and professionals of tomorrow.


The Rotary Club of Placentia Awards $9,000 in Local College Scholarships in 2019

The Rotary Club of Placentia awarded $9,000 in scholarships to students at El Camino, El Dorado, and Valencia this spring. These awards are given each year by the club to assist local students further their educations and to help them give back to the community. Since 2001, the club has awarded over $196,000 total to local students. This year's winner from El Dorado is Tabitha Rogers. From Valencia they are Allahana Gutierrez, Raquel Jaramillo, Madisen Ly. This years recipients from El Camino are David Saldana and Jenny Moreno.

Scholarship money comes from the Club's annual Cowabunga. This year the event will be held the first Friday in June at Tri City Park. For Rotary Club or ticket information, visit www.placentiarotary.org.


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