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The Great Western Trail

Craig Hall

DEC. 08, 2021

Paul shared his love of horses and history of the old west.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Weekly Meeting
December 8, 2021
In attendance for the weekly meeting at Alta Vista CC of Placentia Jim Michelle Nate Ward Alice Kevin Ron Hugh Art Maverick TC Glenn Kathi Patti Debye Polly Elizabeth Paul Joanna Craig
ZOOM – Lisa
Guests this morning included Carrie Buck Bob Payne and Marche from the Navigation Center
We kicked things off at 7:01am with the pledge from Alice and words of inspiration from Jim.

Hugh nominates Alice, 2nd by Ward. Unanimous Approval
President Elect
Kathi nominates TC, 2nd by Ron. Unanimous Approval
Hugh nominates Jim, 2nd by Paul. Unanimous Approval
Hugh nominates Lisa, 2nd by Maverick. Unanimous Approval
Sgt. at Arms
Hugh nominates Nate, 2nd by Ward.
Club Director
Hugh nominates Maverick, 2nd by Kathi. Unanimous Approval
President Elect/ Elect
Kathi and Patti nominate Maverick, 2nd by Ward and Michelle. Unanimous Approval
Alice inducted our newest member this week, Polly Pelonis! A native of Anaheim Hills and Placentia she the owner of Market Fresh Grill! One of our favorites. Polly was sponsored by her good friend Debye Payne. Polly’s family came from Greece to southern California. She is a twin, and her father was the owner of Tom’s Place. She is married with 2 kids of her own, one at CSUF and the other at Valencia HS.


We looked at a few shirt design ideas and came to a consensus that we need a short and long-sleeved shirt. More to come.
Fine Master WARD
$100 Kevin for his Bday to Paul Harris
$100 TC for Maria’s BDAY to Paul Harris
$5 Debye’s daughter is pregnant
$5 Paul took grandkids on Polar Express had a great time
$5 Debye for seeing Marche this morning
$5 Polly for being a new member
$5 Jim Navy BEAT Army!!!
$5 Kathi great to see Marche
$5 Alice, Clay and Alexis are getting keys to new apartment
$20 Ward, $10 for a great cruise and $10 for 85th Club Anniversary,
$85 Michelle for the club anniversary to Paul Harris
$5 Craig thanks to Alice for filling in
$5 Craig had a great weekend in Mexico
$5 Craig’s daughter Marina’s 20th Bday
$5 Lisa Husband got her Keith Urban tickets, HER FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!

SPEAKER Our very own Paul presenting on the GREAT WESTERN TRAIL

The trail cuts across the midwestern plains form Red River Texas to Canada
A few tidbits Paul shared on the history of the trail
Used for livestock delivery
Local Rotary clubs have installed plaques along the trail to commemorate it
In 1866 a head of cattle was $4 but 10X the cost in the northeast
With western expansion came the railroad and a method to send cheap cattle
Cattle drives would take the trail north to meet the trains
The last major drive was in 1893
The cattle we see today is a bit different from the cattle brought by the Spainards
The Chisholm trail was named for Jessie Chisholm
The Chisholm is a section of the Great Western Trail

Great information and looks like quite an adventure!

Thanks Paul

The raffle winner is; not sure I had to leave!!! Thanks to Ward, this week’s sponsor.
4 WAY TEST – Michelle

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