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Remember RI Convention 2011

Kathi Baldwin

JAN. 06,2021

It is hard to believe that it has been 9 years since Jim Paddock, Kathy Paddock, Kathi Baldwin, and Glenn Baldwin were at the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans. We had a great time and shared fellowship Rotarians from around the world.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Members in attendance:Glenn, Kathi, Ward, Jim, Nate, Elizabeth, Hugh, Ron, Roy, Craig, Turgut, Alice, Lisa, Kevin.

Pledge: Jim, 4 Way-Test: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Glenn

The Leadership Forum is Monday, January 11, from 5:30-6:30 PM via zoom. Registration information is available on DacDb.
The dates for the Leadership Institute for 2021 are: Saturday, February 27, 9-4, March 13, 9-3 & March 27, 9-2. Registration is available on DacDb.
Ward-city announcements: the City of Placentia is planning to build. 20,000-30,000 square foot senior center, a committee is bring formed.
There will be a ground-breaking for the JPI Project on Crowther Ave. near the freeway it will be mixed-use. The ground-breaking for the AUDI project will be in January-February.

Ward checked on the blessing boxes for replenishment.

Jim will send an article to Glenn to publish in regard to upcoming harvesting project.

Fine Master for January is Nate Forrest!
Birthdays & Anniversaries for January: Robert Gabler-Club Anniversary 1/4/12, Alice Shiozawa-Birthday 15, Robert Gabler-Spouse Krystina Birthday 26, Turgut-Wedding anniversary 31.
Fine Master Nate-Trivia day-fine is $2. Peace & Trust-no one knew this-$2 to everyone, where does the name January come from? Alice had the answer, so she is fine free, everyone else $2. Who’s Wearing Rotary logo-Craig, Elizabeth, Alice, Hugh, Roy-$2 for not sporting any support for Rotary. Lisa was fined $2 for being late & Kevin was fined $4 for being later than Lisa.
Happy Bucks-Ron $5 for seeing everyone, Craig-$1 for grill from Sam’s Club, along with $100 certificate for supplies, Hugh-$5 for the healthiest Christmas on record, Elizabeth-$50 for all of Ward’s help @ her home. Kathi-$10 for a great trip to Illinois & back, Jim-$5 for Andrea becoming engaged! Craig-$1 for AUDI property & the effect it will have on the neighboring shopping center.
Sad Bucks-Alice $15 for 3 COVID related deaths of folks close to her.

Ward discussed the collection of items for the troops throughout the city. Ward will deliver the items & would welcome someone to ride w/him.
Elizabeth inquired as to the whereabouts of the drug drop box. There will be a date in the future for drop off @ the city.

Lisa announced a $20 fee for attending the upcoming Leadership Institute. Ron will be @ AVCC @ 9:00 AM this morning.
Craig shared with us in December, Nate donated furniture to H. I. S. House and found a room for the young college student, Carrie told us about in December. Way to go, Nate!

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