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District Governor Cisca Stellhorn makes her official visit.

Caig Hall

SEPT. 08, 2021

Cisca Stellhorn became a Rotarian in 1991 with the Rotary Club of Irvine. During her time in Rotary, she has participated in over 29 International Service projects, including leading the Dental and Eye Clinics in Mexico. She has held numerous positions in her club. “I have found that being Secretary gave me the best insight into the workings of my club. It prepared me the best for being President”, said Cisca.

Rotary Club of Placentia
MINUTES 9/08/21
In Attendance: Jim, Nate, Ward, Roy, Lorraine, Dottie, Paul, Ron, Michele, Kevin, Lisa, Robert, Alex, Debye, Alice, Patti, Elizabeth, Joanne, Glenn, Kathi, Maverick, Al
ZOOM: Christian
Guests: Jim & Debbie, Dist. Gov. Cisca Stellhorn Dist. PR Beth Past President Jerry and wife Kathy Sheppard
Call to Order at 7:01 am by President Baldwin
Pledge: Alex
Inspiration: TC

Ticket sales on pace but still need to sell more
Sign Up Sheets Available for all jobs


FINE MASTER: TC takes Hiatus

JIM awards Paul Harris to Lisa, Glenn, Kathi, and Ward

Alice & Cisca inducted new members Joanne - retired Air Force veteran and pilot - Sponsor Al
Maverick – Student at CSUF aspiring lawyer and politician – Sponsor Kathi
Art – Aerospace and Air Traffic Control System design – Sponsor Alice

Cisca delivered an inspiring speech on the future of Rotary and the role our club has played and continues today. “you are succeeding”
The club passed around a clipboard making pledges to the district, total coming soon

Alice has been named our Inspirational Rotarian of the year!!!!

Raffle goes to JIM this week Sponsor Glenn

4 Way Test – Kevin

Meeting Adjourned at 8:16 am

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