Club Assembly

Kathi Baldwin

MAY 26, 2021

Club Assemblies are working meetings without a program presentation. We use them for clerical housekeeping, planning sessions for upcoming projects, and discuss future goals.

Rotary Club of Placentia
Wednesday, May 26, 2021
Club Assembly

Attendance: Alice, Ward, Ron, Elizabeth, Roy, Kathi, Glenn, Nate, Jim, Kevin, Hugh, Paul, Lisa, Craig. Debye Payne was our guest this morning.
Pledge: Kathi, Inspirational Moment: Jim, 4 Way-Test: Craig

Ward: Crowther Ave. Will be closed from June7-25, from Cameron to Torres Trucking, while the finishing touches are added to The Herald Development as they ready for tenants by the end of June.
Outdoor dining was slated to end at the end of June but their is a request to extend it until the end of December.

Roy: the car show and famers market are both well attended. Roy has been contacted in regard to the annual Tamale Festival, traditionally held @ Placita Santa Fe. The date should be December 8, 2021. We have been asked to serve @ the bar and provide Santa Claus and gifts for the children.

Fine Master: Roy in his final week!
$1 fine for Nate, Roy, Paul, Craig and Ward for not displaying any Rotary logo.
Ward had $100 for his birthday and the upcoming jazz festival. Alice was fined $5 ? Hugh had $100 for his and Gae’s birthdays this month.
Happy Bucks-Craig had $25 for his son turning 22 and his father turning 75.
Glenn paid .01 cent per mile for his trip from Quincy to home=$18.00.
Paul had $20 for his grandson turning 6 and another grandson graduation from Cal Poly Pomona. Lisa had $5 for upcoming trip to Las Vegas then to Idaho and the Grand Canyon and then back to Las Vegas!Kevin had $5 for this being over with. Debye had $8 for-1 daughter bought a home locally, 1 son bought a home in Carlsbad, 1 daughter bought a home nearby & for attending the community breakfast last week. Nate had $5 for Roy attending the farmers market. Ron had $10 for trip to Albuquerque in new car. Kathi had $5 for family trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Hugh had $5 for Craig & Carrie hosting the recent board of directors meeting @ their home. Kathi had $1 & Alice had $5 for the same. Ward had $20 for the board meeting @ Craig & Carrie’s home, for the community breakfast and Glenn’s hard work on the scholarships.
Sad Bucks-Elizabeth had $25 and sadly announced her sister is being moved to hospice & she is leaving to be with her sister for several days. Roy had $1 for Holly slowly recovering from the most recent of surgeries.

Ward requested help for the jazz festival on Saturday to install the fence. Turgut, Glenn, Hugh, Craig and Ron volunteered.

LOT 318 is hosting a health fair on Monday, May 31 @ 1000 Cypress Street. The club has donated face shields to the Placentia Community Foundation for distribution. They are looking for volunteers.

Jim proudly announced success in the application for small business /non profit relief funds in California! We will receive $5,000.00! Thanks, Jim for your diligence in requesting these funds for the club.
Jim announced the club now has a charge card, which will make club purchases easier.

Assignments for Wednesday , June 2:
Pledge: Glenn, Inspirational Moment: Craig, 4 Way-Test: Jim
Program: Scholarship Recipients